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New Meters

New card meters are operational in the yard areas and land side pontoons.

Members will have their own personal cards with their purchased credit assigned to it, these cards can be used on the mooring or within the yard when the boat is being worked on.

These cards are the responsibility of that member and Wakering Yacht Club are not responsible for loss of card or credit on that card.

Cards and top-ups can be arranged with Darren at the club or use the contact form on the website.

Access to the outlet boxes is strictly for the purpose of isolation and assigning or retrieving credit, if there are any other issues, please contact a member of the committee and DO NOT take things apart!

Please make sure Hook-Up leads are safe, un-damaged and protected against water ingress. Always isolate your socket outlet with the isolator switches inside the outlet boxes when plugging and un-plugging leads!

All Meters, Isolator switches and outlet sockets are numbered and all correspond for your ease of use.

The card will hold all the credit until it is inserted into a meter, then the credit is transferred to that meter and the meter will display “Success” once the card is removed the KWh is displayed, showing the remaining credit. (Keep your card safe)

To retrieve your credit from that meter. Hold the RED button in and insert your card for longer that 2 seconds, keeping the RED button in all the time, then remove your card and once it is out of the meter let go of the RED button. The display should now read “No Credit” the credit is now back on your card.

After the credit is back on the card, just press the RED button quickly once more as the meters will “Beep” when they first show the “No Credit” display.

As you can imagine if they are all left beeping, this may cause annoyance.

NOTE: If you have transferred your credit to a meter you can NOT use any other meter until that credit has been retrieved from the first meter and is back on your card again!!

Obviously you can not assign your credit to a meter that is already being used and you can not retrieve someone else’s credit.

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Club Works

As you are aware, the club is being modernised in an on-going process to carry out necessary repairs, upgrades and essential improvements.

This is a time consuming process and is only made possible by the skills and help provided by the members who are able to assist.

We are about to start the new upgrade and decking works on the main pontoon, which will hopefully future proof the pontoons for a considerable amount of time.

The old cabin is being turned into an office for the day to day running of the club and for admin purposes .

New card meters are being installed as the electrical systems are brought up to requirements.

Over the last couple of years we have had an extended slipway, new pontoon, new ramp and railings to the club main door.

We have improved on our lifting capacity with a newer tractor and boat lift.

We have had new smoke detection, emergency lighting, external lighting.

Upgraded yard electrical outlet boxes, with card meters to allow members to control the usage and cost of their electrical demand. The club has been painted, new carpet, with bar upgrades and drinks on draught.


We have now got the next delivery of Card Meters which will be deployed along the main pontoon. Starting from the land end. Once Darren has made sure all Members that need cards have them, the work will commence, whilst this is underway, there will be power disruption. A notice will be put out on the group WhatsApp 


Please remember that the CHA do check on river licenses which should be displayed on the port side of your boats.

Also please make sure that Members renewals are up to date and electric fees are paid.

We ask all Members and their visitors to be mindful whilst at the club and take care in the yard and on the pontoons as repair work is underway and ongoing .

By the nature of the site, caution must be exercised as powered equipment and plant operate frequently.

It has been noted that the bins by the main gate provided for small boat related waste is being used for all sorts of rubbish, which fills them up quicker and stops the members using them for their boating waste. Please place waste in the correct bins and if they are full, please take your rubbish home. Any large boat servicing or repair waste should be disposed of in the correct manner by yourself. This is being monitored.

The Club WiFi is available on 2.4 & 5 GHz and extended reach on 2.4GHz only. Please contact Barry or Mike for logon details.

The yard Repeater/Access point will move to the office shortly, to provide better coverage for the main pontoon areas.

Please be advised that NO boats should be brought into the yard without the committee’s prior knowledge.
This includes Dinghies and trailers.


“A big U-turn in the Chancellor’s announcement was that sailors and boaters will continue to be permitted to use red diesel in their sailing vessels after April 2022, a change in policy from Budget 2021.

Last year, the government planned to remove the subsidy on red diesel from 2022, with the exception of heating on-board. However, private pleasure craft can now continue to use red diesel and pay their fuel supplier the difference between the red and white diesel rate on the proportion used for propulsion”

Membership renewal remains the same as previous years in that you may pay in full or over 6 months. If you choose to pay in full then the payment should be made within 14 days from the 27th of November.

If you choose to pay over 6 month’s then the amount needs dividing by six, with the first instalment paid by the 11th of December and the following 5 payments no later than 28th of each month starting from January. Any problems, please contact Barry. Commodore

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