Engineering Reports

November Report on on-going Engineering projects

Work is progressing on replacing the  pontoon walking surface hopefully  by  Christmas  we should have completed down as for as the dog leg and the whole project should be completed by next spring.

We are hoping to have a post painting party so if anybody would like to get involved just get in touch  with Steve  Duncan Chris O’connor or Andy Castle obviously weather  permitting.  Just paint as far as you can reach and wait for the tide.

The Club  has recently purchased  six more pontoons  and we are in the process of altering  them to suit our needs.

A new plinth has been made to mount the Diesel Tank and it should  be commissioned by the time the boating season  starts.

Work is progressing  on the office the computer  should be installed  so that your electrical  cards will be able to be topped up on site.

A number of hand rail stanchions have been purchased  for the area in front of the dinghy  park and should be installed soon weather permitting.

Mike the electrician  has asked if we can make a number of new electrical boxes  and stands please contact one of the engineering  team for details.

The Petrol  driven pressure  washer  has been repaired if any member  would like to use it for a small fee for washing of there boats please contact our bosun  Gary Gray.

Prepared By Roger