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The work parties are run to provide on-going maintenance and upkeep of the club and grounds.

We  respectfully ask that all members if they are able and not committed to anything else, be a part of the work party, as every effort helps keep the club in a reasonable condition for all that use it.

Next Work Party Date: Works parties are running on-going at the moment and as when members have time to give.

Please note there are ongoing works within the yard areas as the repair and maintenance work is carried out. Please be aware of this and be carefull!

If there is anything work related you wish to discuss, please see a member of the committee

General News

Progress is being made at the club (Nov)

Great progress has been made at the club throughout Oct & Nov and hopefully will continue with the aim to improve the standard of the pontoons. Please see Roger’s report above [Engineering Reports]

Continuing Rollout of Prepay Meters (Aug)

We are soon to continue with the rollout of Pre-pay meters this will happen along the main Pontoon starting from the land end. You will be sent your new personal card which will be applied to your account. Meters will start to be swapped once the members in the area affected have their cards. 

Social Committee (Aug)

A new Social Committee has been set up, planning & procedures are being discussed at the moment, please see the Social Committee Page

Tractor Repair (June)

The tractor is currently away for servicing at the moment and will be back with us as soon as the necessary repairs have been made. As of August if any member needs to come out of the water or go back in, we have set up an agreement with Nigel for use of his lift at an agreed rate, please talk to Barry if you need further info.

New Pre Pay Meters

New Meters are in place in the yard areas and land side pontoons. See the Members Area for info.

New Sunday opening times

Sunday opening times have now changed.

The club will now be open between 1.00PM and 4.00PM

As always, look forward to seeing all our Members.

New Draught Beer at the Bar

Just to let all our members know.

We now have a new draught beer system installed at the club.

We can now offer three different draught drinks: Somersby Apple Cider, Guinness and Carlsberg. Starting from only £2.50 per pint.

So why not come and sample, when our bar is open on Friday evenings and Sunday Lunchtime.

Work Party held on the 28th - 30th Dec

A Big Thank You to all that got involved with this work party between Christmas and New Year. A lot was achieved and the yard is looking much tidier. The infrastructure is being put in place for new electrical outlets in the yard and the new Office setup is taking place.

There will be another Work Party soon in the hope that the remaining areas of the yard can be emptied out and tidied up.

On-Going Works

As of end of Dec 2021 we are starting alterations in the yard area and clearing out of the site, we are also starting the new infrastructure for the electrical renewals which will come into effect soon and as part of a rolling process.

A new garden seating area, was setup in the rear Conservatory area.

A new Finger has been installed and commissioned adjacent to the slip area, with the aim of providing a mooring space for smaller boats and a temporary home to boats whilst the main pontoons are being refurbished.

The Regatta Weekend

To all our Members,

I just wanted to personally thank you for all your support at the club this weekend.

It has been absolutely fantastic and without you all, it would have not been possible.

I’d especially like to thank all the members that ran and helped run events throughout the weekend making it the fabulous weekend it was.

You all played a part, Well done everyone.

Barry Commodore

Pictures of the Regatta will be posted soon on the gallery page.

First of all a big THANK YOU goes out to all Members who have, or are at present helping out with the upkeep and repair of the club, in these very difficult and challengeing times. The club is undergoing a repair and upgrade program at the moment which will roll on into next year. Some of the works that have been completed include:

New smoke detection and emergency lighting within the club house, external lighting around the club house and external emergency lighting by fire exit doors. New entrance ramp to the club house.

A new widened slipway has been put in place to allow us to handle larger boats.
Upgraded hoist and lifting equipment.
Yard works including maintenance to the fences and new metal stairs for the fire escapes.
Works relating to the pontoons and the power distribution is underway, but will take a while to fully implement.

The club has taken on new members and Associate members and we are nearly at capacity. 

The new hoist is running, which takes our lifting capacity far beyond what we expect to have in the yard.

The new widened and extended slipway which was completed and operational back in the summer has proved very beneficial making it far easier to retrieve and launch the boats and giving good access to the river.

Web Admin