Covid 19 Updates

June 2021


As per the RYA’s guidance:

RYA return to boating strategy

We are pleased that outdoor sport and recreation has been confirmed as the first activity after education to be released from lockdown in England. This prioritisation by the Government clearly acknowledges the many positive mental and physical benefits of outdoor sport, as well as its safety and low rates of transmission.

We will regularly update our guidance for recreational boaters; please keep an eye on the page below for further information.

  1. Our guidance

Covid-19 preventative measures are vital in keeping you, your family and others safe and to minimise pressure on frontline services. The RYA will continue to support the national effort to control the spread of Covid-19 and assist members of the RYA family with any variations that might develop at a local level. We recognise that we have a role to play by providing guidance to the RYA community as the restrictions are eased as each step is taken.

  1. Our approach

Our guidance on safe boating remains unchanged: know your limits; look after yourself; keep in touch and, above all, have a plan; we advise boaters to think carefully about these factors.

As always, all of us should carefully consider the potential impact that we could have on other water users when we go afloat and ensure that we do not place any unnecessary strain on the RNLI, Independent Lifeboats and other emergency services. We can do this by helping to minimise risk and by being considerate in our approach to our boating and acting responsibly.

Coronavirus regulations

The regulations enable the Government and devolved administrations to respond to the serious threat to public health which is posed by the incidence and spread of the virus and its variants.

While guidance sets out how governments expect people should behave, the regulations set out how people must behave and it is the regulations (rather than the guidance) that may be enforced within the law.

The current regulations in EnglandScotlandWales and Northern Ireland differ and people should follow the specific rules for those parts of the UK and read the more detailed guidance on recreational boating in the RYA home country pages referred to below. 

Recreational boating in England

Government regulations (The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (Steps) (England) Regulations 2021) came into force on 29 March and provide the framework for the Government ‘Roadmap out of lockdown’ and the easing of all restrictions in England from 21 June at the earliest.

To help outline what this means for our sport we have developed our own roadmap for the return of recreational boating in England setting out our current understanding of what each step means. Step 4 is simply the earliest date set out in the government’s roadmap when all limits on social contact and remaining restrictions will be removed in England and currently will not be before 21 June.

From 17 May, the ‘Stay in the UK’ regulation has ceased and international travel has been allowed to restart, governed by a new traffic light system. Health measures at the border will vary depending on whether travelling from a green, amber or red country. The Government has provided guidance on the countries rated as red, amber or green for Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the rules you must follow to enter England.

In the Home Countries, the RYA return to boating strategy depends on how the devolved administrations assess the risk. People who live in ScotlandWales and Northern Ireland should follow the travel and transport guidance provided by their administrations:

UK canals and rivers

The Canal and River Trust navigations are open for boating and you can enjoy exercise and being in the outdoors, close to nature, on its towpaths. Boaters can find more information about how the Government’s guidance applies to them in the Canal and River Trust’s FAQs.

The Environment Agency continues to update its guidance as the national situation develops, so please do keep checking the guidance for the latest information on any restrictions.

July 2020


As our day to day activities continue to get back to some kind of normality, we still have a long way to go and the Virus is still out there, so we must all still take action to avoid a possible second wave becoming established.

Most marinas are now open with their toilets shower blocks and restaurants operating as well. But it is a good idea to make your plans and phone ahead to check on facilities and any restrictions before you travel.

Most Marinas are providing good forms of sanitation at shower blocks and gates where touching of surfaces is unavoidable. But please all remember it is our duty as well to do what is required.

Masks also have to be worn within shops and where distancing can not be achieved.

Please all stay alert and safe.

Wakering Yacht Club

13th May 2020



In response to Sunday’s Government announcement that unlimited outdoor activity will be
permitted in England, from Wednesday 13 May 2020; the Crouch Harbour Authority Policy is
to ask river users to continue to follow Government Guidance on exercising outdoors and
maintaining social distancing guidelines.
The CHA would like to see the Crouch and Roach boating community take a considerate and
a responsible approach. Please remember, that if something goes wrong, there is the potential
that it may put further and avoidable pressure on the Emergency Services.

Full Document Here: CHA Covid – 19-Notice-13.05.2020

12th May 2020


Good evening everyone

It has been a tough eight weeks and I would like to thank every member that played his or her part in keeping our club and its members safe by staying away from the club and your boats. I understand how hard this must have been and again thank you all.

We arrive now at a point where the government has cautiously given us a slight easing of the lockdown which in turn means you can now visit your beloved boats.

It is my understanding that boats are according to several different authorities being treated with the similar rules to second homes which means you may visit your boat, carry out maintenance or repairs to your boat but at the end of each day you must return home.

We have today put a notice on each boat that we ask you to read and adhere to which will help to keep everyone safe.

So welcome back to boating but remember YOU MUST ADHERE to the following.



ALL CLUB BUILDINGS ARE CLOSED (you may use the toilets only in an emergency)

ANYTHING YOU TOUCH YOU MUST WIPE DOWN OR WEAR GLOVES (rubbish bins, hosepipes, taps, handrails etc)

If members do not adhere to the above we run the risk of having to again close so please think about your every move for your own and everyone else’s safety.





10th May 2020