May 2022


New card meters are operational in the yard areas and land side pontoons.

Members will have their own personal cards with their purchased credit assigned to it, these cards can be used on the mooring or within the yard when the boat is being worked on.

These cards are the responsibility of that member and Wakering Yacht Club are not responsible for loss of card or credit on that card.

Cards and top-ups can be arranged with Darren at the club or use the contact form on the website.

Access to the outlet boxes is strictly for the purpose of isolation and assigning or retrieving credit, if there are any other issues, please contact a member of the committee and DO NOT take things apart!

Please make sure Hook-Up leads are safe, un-damaged and protected against water ingress. Always isolate your socket outlet with the isolator switches inside the outlet boxes when plugging and un-plugging leads!


All Meters, Isolator switches and outlet sockets are numbered and all correspond for your ease of use.

The card will hold all the credit until it is inserted into a meter, then the credit is transferred to that meter and the meter will display “Success” once the card is removed the KWh is displayed, showing the remaining credit. (Keep your card safe)

To retrieve your credit from that meter. Hold the RED button in and insert your card for longer that 2 seconds, keeping the RED button in all the time, then remove your card and once it is out of the meter let go of the RED button. The display should now read “No Credit” the credit is now back on your card.

After the credit is back on the card, just press the RED button quickly once more as the meters will “Beep” when they first show the “No Credit” display.

As you can imagine if they are all left beeping, this may cause annoyance.

NOTE: If you have transferred your credit to a meter you can NOT use any other meter until that credit has been retrieved from the first meter and is back on your card again!! 

Obviously you can not assign your credit to a meter that is already being used and you can not retrieve someone else’s credit.